Melodies everywhere!


  • “Do you like music?” he asked me.
  • “Of course I do”, I replied. “Beautiful melodies beautify the world. As long as you have music you are never alone. It is the best company and with music feelings are always mutual”.
  • “Well, that’s true, you are right”, he said. “Music is the voice of the soul, can heal everything, can put a big smile in your face and will never contradict your sayings. Music is life!”

About Efterpi Verigaki

Γυρίζουμε, ανακαλύπτουμε, φωτογραφίζουμε, γράφουμε, σατυρίζουμε και σχολιάζουμε! ⏩ 📷 All photos by me 📷 ⏪
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