Bruges (Brugge) Belgium – the “Venice of the North”! A fairytale city!

Bruges (or Brugge) is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium.  It is called “Venice of the North”. Either in summer or winter you can always live your fairytale in this city by having a “boat-trip” in its canals, enjoying beautiful promenades along the canals and eating the famous belgian mussels with frites! And ofContinue reading “Bruges (Brugge) Belgium – the “Venice of the North”! A fairytale city!”

Esfahan, Iran

Maybe Εast’s most interesting and beautiful country … With an extraordinary history, amazing palaces and monuments, Iran is really by far the land of 1001 nights … Esfahan is a dream-place waiting to visit it … and the frescos of its palaces are unique … 5 of these photos are from the Reception of NaderContinue reading “Esfahan, Iran”