Skopelos Island, Greece – Σκόπελος, Σποράδες, Ελλάδα

Skopelos Island is one of Greece’s most beautiful and green islands. It is situated in the western Aegean Sea, in the north Sporades island group. At Chora (the main town of the island), the buildings are old and white, with huge bougainvillea and flowerpots, it’s full of churches and it is completely covered with forest. The island has 360 churches. Every year on summer there is a big photograph exhibition here and the island gets quite cosmopolitan, with photographers and visitors from all over Greece and the rest of the world.

330px-Skopelos07lane   Grad_Skopelos_sa_brda_-_Skopelos_town_from_hill

Σκόπελος-ξέγνοιαστες-διακοπές   skopelos_limani

the-view-from-our-room   1234.skopelos panormos.jpg-550x0



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